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Gaming PC hardware has tons of options to meet many different levels of performance and run a multitude of applications. From beginning to end, I'll explain the alternatives and handle as many (or as few) of the details as you'd like.

You're the

The quote process is designed to help me understand the goals you have for your custom PC. Whether its a hard price limit, a specific performance target, or a preferred hardware brand, you call the shots before anything is purchased.

Built to

Since every build is completely tailored to your requirements, I don't keep anything on hand. Everything for your PC is ordered the day you order it; you can choose anything that's on the market.


Pay just a flat $150 build fee, plus the cost of your components and shipping fees. You will also receive invoices for all parts used in your system in case of warranty issues.

The quote process


Pick the goal for your finished PC: Do you want the most performance for a specific price? Do you want to hit a minimum framerate at a desired screen resolution? Do you have a specific piece of hardware you want to build the system around? Do you want to use the PC for more than just gaming?


I select hardware options based on your goals and preferences and deliver selected options via an emailed quote, including a bottom line price for each option.


Once you're happy with the configured system, pay the bottom line price. I'll build it and ship it to you, then its game on!

About Me

Hi! I've been building PCs professionally and as a passion for more than 20 years. I decided to put that passion to use to help others get the same enjoyment I get from my gaming PCs.

Long gone are the days of manually setting interrupts through jumper settings, but modern PCs still have many compatibility issues and perfomance options. It can be overwhelming to someone who just wants to get to the gaming.

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